Lukes Self Storage Facilities North Sydney NS

Luke’s Self Storage facilities

Lukes Self Storage Facilities in North Sydney have storage options for vehicles, motorcycles, snowmobiles, lawn tractors, RVs, boats and any other items that are taking up space in your garage or yard.

Lukes Self Storage is designed with 24/7 video monitoring and security system, so that our customers can rest easy that your property is safe and well protected.

Are you tired of your RV taking up valuable space in your driveway? Or are you looking for a place to store that extra family vehicle? If any of these storage situations sound familiar, we have the solution you need – convenient, accessible vehicle storage and RV parking!

Our indoor storage stores your car, boat, RV or any recreational unit in our facility year-round, so you can have peace of mind that your unit will be safe.

If you’re someone who’s trying to keep your unit protected from the winter cold, our indoor winter storage is ideal for your needs.

24/7 Video Monitoring & Security System

Luke’s Storage and Rental facilities are designed with 24/7 video monitoring and security system, so you can rest easy that your property is well protected. Our facilities also have pest control monitoring.

Whatever your self storage requirements, we can satisfy your needs. Our warehouse has plenty of space for your and sized RV or a beloved vintage vehicle, sports car, or anything in-between like commercial equipment.

We pride ourselves on having the most easily accessible indoor cold storage facilities in North Sydney NS that are protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get a quote 902-577-8878

Contact Lukes Self Storage Facilities on Facebook find out how to get your prized possessions into storage. We would be pleased to take you on a tour of our facility to show you how we can help. We accept vehicles of all types from all over Cape Breton at our storage facilities.

Storing Vehicles:

Here are a few recommendations when storing your vehicles in Luke’s Self Storage in North Sydney NS:

✓ Your vehicle must be in running order (on a registered trailer).

✓ Your vehicle must be insured (a copy of your current vehicle insurance slip is required at the time of rental).

✓ Your vehicle must be registered (a copy of your current registration certificate is required at the time of rental).

✓ We recommend that you top up all fluid levels before storing or parking your vehicle, including your gas tank—this will minimize moisture accumulation within your tank.

✓ We recommend that you check to ensure that your tires are inflated to the recommended pressure to avoid any “flat spots” that might develop over time, assuming that your vehicle will be stored for an extended period.

✓ As all batteries will lose their charge over time, consider whether it is appropriate to disconnect and remove the battery from your vehicle while in storage.

Self Storage Types

Some of the items stored at Luke’s Storage and Self Storage Facilities are as follows:

  • Vehicle Storage
  • RV Storage
  • Boat Storage
  • Recreational Storage
  • Commercial Storage
  • Construction Equipment Storage
  • Self Container Storage

Self Storage Containers

Our Self Storage Containers Rental & Delivery is very popular in Cape Breton! We will deliver the self storage containers to your location if you are looking to store any type of boat, RV, motorbike, skidoo, or antique vehicles right in your back yard.

We offer self storage units limited number as well as designated storage options!

  • show room antique vehicle storage
  • show room motor cycle storage
  • storage options for snowmobiles
  • storage for lawn tractors

Pick Up and Delivery Services

Need room in your garage or yard?

Store your vehicle, RV or Boat with the convenience of us picking it up for you. Call Luke’s Self Storage Containers North Sydney NS to arrange for pick up. We will pick up your trailer or boat and bring it to our storage facilities!

At the end of camping season our indoor storage facilities is the perfect place to store your RV!

Our indoor storage stores your RV, camper or any recreational vehicle in our in door fully monitored facility year-round. We will work with you with any storage needs.

Need a place to store your boat at the end of summer?

Our indoor storage facilities in North Sydney will your boat, water craft or recreational vehicle during off season months in our facility year-round.

Lukes Storage Facilities is probably one of the newest and most popular storage facilities in Cape Breton the past couple years.

Contact Luke’s Self Storage in North Sydney NS anytime for any storage based questions you may have 902-577-8878